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Jubilee Garden Party

A Day to remember

Colin and Jenni from the pool were invited to the Queens Garden party at Holyrood to represent the pool as winners in the Jubilee peoples millions competition last year. The prize enabled the pool to install a 30kw solar system to help keep the Col_Jenoperating costs down.

At the last minute Colin received a call from the Lottery press officer to say that the palace had requested a personal presentation to the Queen prior to the party starting.

Colin and Jenni were ushered in the private entrance and lead through the palace to emerge out onto a red carpet in front of the 8000 crowd and were first to meet the Queen after the national anthem was played.

They told her Majesty about the hard work undertaken by many volunteers to raise money to build the facility and the ongoing work by all to keep it going, including the charity shop and various fundraising events.

After this they met Alex Salmond who commented on Colin’s saltire tie. Tea was taken and many people from the Town bumped into, all in all a very memorable day and a great honour for the swimming pool.