Canoe Club

Kirkcudbright Canoe Club Pool Courses

  • Course 1  15th Oct/5th Nov [4 weeks] £22      Beginners     –  Basic skills of Kayaking
    Intermediate – Rolling
  • Course 2 12th Nov/17th Dec [6 weeks £33   Beginners      – Basic skills of Kayaking
    Intermediate -Support strokes
  • Course 3 14th Jan/18th Feb [6 weeks] £33  Beginners      – Basic skills of Kayaking
    Intermediate -Support strokes and Rolling
  • Course 4  25th Feb/1st Apr [6weeks]  £33    Beginners      – Basic skills of Kayaking
    Intermediate –  Combination of strokes

Basic skills of kayaking include SAFETY -feeling confident in and around the kayak forward /reverse paddling, edging, sweep, draw and support strokes ,
bow rudder, rescues-eskimo, T X, and self.

Support strokes ! your first line of defence before a capsize !! understand how you can co-ordinate your body/blade/boat or should it be brain/body/blade/boat ??

Rolling! the technique that everyone wants to learn!! you will be guided threw the various movements required to master rolling a kayak.

Combination of strokes! combines 2/3 strokes for a specific move, important for river running or rock hopping!!

Enjoy the one to one coaching in the warmth of Kirkcudbright pool

Venue – Kirkcudbright Swimming Pool – Monday evening 7pm – 8pm [and 8pm – 9pm if we get enough interest]

2013 Outdoor coaching will start after Easter. [inland water, moving water and sea]

All coaches have various graded BCU qualifications on inland water and sea.
KCC is affiliated to the Scottish Canoe Association.

For information on Club and activities


  • Contact  Les  – 07711129007
  • John   –  07974967739
  • Paul    – 07753148160
  • Steve  – 07986483724