DumbellsWe try to cater for all levels of weight training and have great selection of equipment and weights

Full set of Dumbells –

Prices for entry are £3.60 and £2.40 for Seniors, you can stay as long as you like !

Better still buy a monthly card and get use of the pool as well
Monthly card £33.50  –  Senior card £22.90



Dumbell2Bench press with range of weights.

Warning : The safety bars (red) on this equipment have to be high enough to catch the bar and weights should the user lose control. Failure to have the bars at an appropriate height could result in serious injury.

If users choose to lower the bars they do so at their own risk, Kirkcudbright swimming pool has a policy of ensuring the bars are in a safe position and will take no responsibility for any injury incurred by user’s actions.










MultiMulti Gym includes bench press – Leg press
Pull down and rower.












Functional Multi functional trainer










BackBack and Torso strenghtening unit –