Warm Water Days

We warm the water to 31 deg every Sunday for Family time, it remains warm all day.

We also warm the water to 31 deg on a Thursday during term time, this is mainly for Baby and Toddler swimming but does benefit all users.  Please see timetable for more information.

Please note we are not a hydrotherapy pool, we simply warm the water twice a week for baby and toddler sessions, this should also benefit those with joint and muscle problems but we cannot guarantee this or offer any physiotherapy.

We have a poolside hoist and chair and will help with entry into the water, if you need help getting into and out of the chair or are unable to use the chair (we have slings for larger adults) then you must bring a suitably qualified carer with you.

The weight limit for the Hoist is 22 Stone / 140 Kilos, the chair is limited to 14 stone / 90 Kilos.